Who We Are                                                       

Hancock Petroleum Engineering is a full service, "Petroleum equipment" installation & maintenance company. Through the years we have gained the respect of most all our customers, based on integrity, honesty and hard work. We have tried to always offer the best in service, whether it be a nozzle change or a complete facility install. It is our goal to have completely satisfied customers and we will go out of our way to accomplish that. We have always invested in our future for our benefit as well as our customer's. Our investment is in the form of the following;
  • Training of our technicians of the latest equipment & procedures.
  • Keeping our facility stocked with the latest equipment and parts for service.
  • Upgrading our service trucks.. keeping down time to a minimum.



Mission Statement

Hancock Petroleum Engineering has been in business since 1985, since it's inception, we have strived to offer our customers the very best in service. Through the years we have added to our fleet of service trucks to meet the demand of our customer base. We have also "kept up with the times", staying instep with industry changes and innovations as they occur.
We have made a conscious effort to keep our people "factory trained" so to be ready to maintain and service even the most complicated "point of sale" and fuel dispensing equipment. It has always been our philosophy that the customer comes first and to do our best to accommodate that customer's needs.
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